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Plants versus flowers on Valentine's Day - express your love with something that won't die in a week

Listen, if you can kill a houseplant in 7 days, that makes you a special kind of psychopath. This V-Day forget dated whimsical floral bunches or the cliche of a dozen red roses. Celebrate true love instead with a stunning heart-shaped houseplant that will live on forever, even if your lockdown romance doesn't.

Are you like us and didn't realize it was Valentine's Day until this very morning, and you have a significant other in your life? Someone who probably is expecting something lovely to celebrate your love? Well, put down those $12.99 environmentally-hostile plastic-wrapped carnations from New World and back away slowly.

Now think long and hard. Life is all about choices, even something as simple as gift-giving can turn out to be an arduous task. After all, we are a generation of overthinking. Is this pressie too much? Too little? Or most importantly, does it send the right message?

Gift giving is a subconscious signal to your significant other as to how you see the future of your relationship. Perhaps it even has a sort of ‘secret relationship message’. Follow along as we explore why giving plants will have you in a swoony love bubble while giving flowers could pop it faster than Dr. Pimple Popper herself.

The secret meanings of houseplants

  1. A houseplant is forever - just like a diamond but infinitely cheaper (unless we're talking established variegated monsteras), plants can last forever, especially when they are lovingly tended to and cared for. Isn't that so romantic? A

  2. An eternal reminder - every time they water the plant or even just gaze at it, they'll be reminded of you and how thoughtful you were. And studies show that 87% of people who receive a houseplant as a gift, will work that much harder to ensure it doesn't die (we just made that up)

  3. Just like love, they grow - when a new leaf unfurls into the world, it elicits a feeling of pure joy. Like our relationships, plants want to keep growing, mature, and thrive.

Whereas the secret message behind flowers...

  1. Death - I know, I know its sounds dramatic but flowers die, and often pretty fast too. Sure, they look lovely for a hot sec, but all too soon they wilt and die, and are basically a total bummer. That's not really the message you want to send on the most romantic day of the year, is it? IS IT?

  2. Illness - Flowers irritate the senses and cause hay fever for many of us, with all that pollen, sneezing, runny eyes, runny nose. This is the opposite of what we want on V-day. Trust us, no one will feel romantic with goo dripping from our faces and streaking our carefully-applied mascara.

  3. Insincerity - Have you ever put a bunch of flowers on the table for a romantic dinner? Well, if you have then you’ll know you can't even see the other person sitting opposite you as the flowers block the view. Perhaps that's intentional? We can't say. But a tasteful aroid on her nightstand is a much better reminder of love.

So there you have it - the secret, unspoken message of both houseplants and flowers.

Thankfully we have saved you just in time before making the mistake of buying flowers for your significant other, a potentially fatal move. Sure, we know we're biased but plants are not only a more fitting ambassador for Valentine's Day but they also send the right message. You're welcome!

So tell us, are you team flowers or team houseplants?


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