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Our Comprehensive Health and Quality Standards for Houseplants

Before shipping out or moving onto the floor at our shop in Lyttelton, every single plant that we sell is carefully inspected by one of our experts to ensure that it meets a rigorous set of health and quality standards, developed over our combined decades of experience in the plant industry. Each plant is quarantined, fed, fertilized, and cared for long before it leaves our shop to its new home.

At NODE we are passionate about matching the right plant with the right person, and our values are built-in contrast to the fast retail model of flipping plants as quickly as possible.

Plants are living beings, and each one is different. From root to tip, we take a holistic view of every plant that celebrates uniqueness while ensuring long-term growth and health.

Our plants are free of pests

While pests are a natural part of keeping plants that most plant parents encounter at some point on their journey with houseplants, we methodically inspect each plant to ensure it is pest-free. If we missed something, let us know.

Our plants are free of major foliage damage

Just like us people, plants have imperfections. It's what makes these living things so special! Especially after processing and transit, some cosmetic damage is normal. Here is some more info about what to expect.

Some of our fussier houseplants don't love being shipped (we're looking at you, begonias) and often look a bit sad and droopy on arrival. Don't fret - just remove plants from the box and follow their care instructions and they will perk right up. Allow your new plant babies to adjust to their new home before repotting (read below). Just remember plants are living things and shipping something through the post that is alive always comes with risks. Rest assured, we have shipped hundreds of houseplants, and very few, if any, die in transit.

That said, when foliage damage is generalized throughout the plant, it might indicate a bigger problem like temperature damage, fungus, or disease. Because this may compromise their overall health and growth potential, these plants do not meet our quality standards.

Our plants have healthy root systems and proper soil conditions

Some plants form deep roots that wrap around their pots. Others hardly form any root systems at all. We make sure that root development is appropriate for each species of plant, and that they are potted in the correct mixes.

Before shipping, we make sure that the moisture level is just right to avoid wilting and root rot in transit.

We are aiming to transition all of our plants sold into our own bespoke organic substrates potted in a recycled Elho plastic planter.

Our plants are appropriately sized for their species, pot size, and growing method

No two batches of plants we receive from our growing partners are exactly the same. Time of year, plant rareness, and natural variation can all contribute to how our plants look when they reach our nursery. We use our decades of experience to evaluate each plant to ensure it's the right size before the sale. 

While size, shape, and appearance vary from the photos on our website, rest assured that you've got a healthy plant that's ready to grow!

Our plant sourcing practices

Our plants are ethically grown by our partners around New Zealand at certified nurseries and from local growers. We strictly adhere to the MPI guidelines and follow the PBI closely. We strongly condemn plant poaching and any practices that threaten their native habitats and conservation.

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