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The ZZ plant aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is native to East Africa and tough as nails. It is the king of low maintenance houseplants and every home should have one.


ZZ Plants thrive best bright to moderate light but can tolerate lower light levels also which makes them great plants for low light bathrooms or darker corners of your home.


The ZZ plant has got large rhizomes as roots that can store large amounts of water and therefore need to dry out completely between waterings.

The frequency of watering your ZZ plant depends on where it is being kept in your home. More sun means the soil will dry our more quickly and your plant will require watering more frequently while less light means the soil will dry out more slowly and the plant will require less frequent watering.


The soil should be loose and not densely packed to allow for free water drainage and oxygen supply to the roots. We recommend a cacti and succulent mix for your ZZ Plant.


ZZ Plants best thrive in temperatures above 18°C but can tolerate low temperatures for short periods of time during to the colder months of the year.

In winter keep them away from log burners or away from the path of the airflow from your heat pump.

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Any average household humidity level is fine for ZZ plants and generally no additional humidity is required.



Along with the rest of your houseplants, your ZZ plant

should be regularly fed with a

well balanced fertiliser.

During spring and summer this should be with every second watering while in winter when the plants are going into dormancy or are dormant once every two months at half strength.


ZZ Plants can be propagated through two ways.

You can propagate them through leaf stem cuttings. They will grow roots from the part of the stem where the cut was made.

You can also propagate them from leaf cuttings.

They are quite easy to propagate with most propagation techniques including water or straight into soil.

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