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Why houseplants make the best gifts

You can't really go wrong with a good old fashioned plant as a present. Unless it's an African Violet for a millennial. Then I hate to break it to you, but you failed BIG TIME.

Thoughtful, long-term, and vaguely pansexual. No, not your dream Tinder date. We're talking about houseplants, obvi.

One of the trends to sweep through Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards for the last couple of years has been indoor plants. And I am here. For. It! Plants not only look good in indoor spaces but they also make you feel good too. Call me crazy, but they're just might be something super special with plants that instantly lift moods and spark joy!

As we approach the holiday season, no doubt we're all looking to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done (or am I the only unorganized person here!?). Ever felt completely stuck with what to get your mom, sibling, best friend, or secret Santa coworker? Well, look no further. You can't go wrong with a good houseplant.

Here are a few reasons why we think houseplants make the best gifts - you're welcome!

Houseplants are beneficial

2020 has been one hell of a year for us all, hasn't it?

Everyone around us has gone through some sort of stressful situation this year and for some, there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Did you know, plants actually help us de-stress?

Plants are proven to help with lowering blood pressure and regulating our heartbeat. They do so by purifying the air around us through absorbing toxins and producing more oxygen, thereby creating a very healthy atmosphere.

I don't know about you guys, but gimme some of that plant therapy!

Plants are eternal (for the most part)

We've all received flowers from someone and seen them slowly wilt away over a week. Or were given a gift that ended up on the floor of our closets, or worse, regifted. How tragic!

Well, plants make for the perfect gift because of their longevity. All it takes is a little TLC and they'll be good as gold (unless you're like me when I first started and managed to kill a hardy succulent). A plant is something that will have a continued and constant purpose in your life!

Most people when they receive a plant will try to nurture it. In fact, many people love it because it reminds them of whoever gifted it in the first place.

They're the gift that keeps on giving, literally

Take it from someone who went from having no indoor plants to now having over 200 (and lovely space at Node for everyone to enjoy), my plant journey started with a gift I received years ago and then my passion grew as I was gifted cuttings! You just never know who you'll inspire with this gift!

As your houseplant grows, you can trim off cuttings that you can propagate and grow into baby plants, which you then can gift on. Or sell on Facebook Marketplace! It's a beautiful cycle!

Plants are unisexual and versatile - there's one for everyone

There are so many different types of plants you could gift someone. And there are plants that can take a bit of neglect while others require the care of a newborn (I'm looking at you Snow Queens!)

There are aroids like the Insta-famous Monsteras and Philodendrons. There are of course the trusty Snake Plant and Peace Lillies that are virtually indestructible. But then there are some funky plants out there that really stand out.

Think lithops, all the different kinds of cacti, chain of hearts, string of pearls, and of course the gorgeous angel wing begonia dominating Instagram.

Basically, there's a plant to fit everyone's preference!

Who doesn't love plants?

With our borders closed in New Zealand, international travel is off the cards, so let's invest in making happy, cozy homes where we feel at ease.

I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't love plants. Given that we're all spending more and more time indoors and traveling less, we think there's no better time than now to give yourself or someone you love, a gift that just keeps on giving.

Which indoor plants to gift the people in your life:

  • Get a medium monstera for new homeowners

  • Consider green or white lithops for the discerning plant lover

  • Grab a succulent in a cute pot for your secret Santa (whom you have no idea what they feel about plants)

  • Pot up a cute peperomia obtusifolia for someone near and dear

  • Nab a cute calathea for your friend with 10 cats

  • Go for an orchid for someone who helps keep your life together (cleaner, hairdresser, bestie, or fave bartender)

  • Chose the weirdest shaped cactus you can find for your brother

  • Opt for a trailing chain of hearts for your mom

  • And, of course, African Violets for grandma :D

Have you ever been given a plant or gifted one? What was it? Spill!


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